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“Whether your I believe that feedback, sensitivity and kindness are ”

                                    (The Stage)




Image by Paul Green

"The past six months have been the happiest of my life. Without a tutor like you I'm not sure I would have decided to pursue my dream of becoming an actor. You have really helped me to develop myself as an actor and a person.  My confidence is at an all time high and it feels brilliant."

Josh, 19

Actor Coaching


"I couldn’t have had a better teacher. I truly admire you. thank you for trusting us and for making us better actors. I really loved your way of teaching, never judging and always trying to get better in a healthy way. I’ve learned more than you could imagine and I can’t wait to take what you offered us with me in what happens next!” 


Gaia, 22

Actor Coaching


Image by Brandi Ibrao

“THE FOUR: Some new talents blinking on the UK radar are: a brilliant actress called Kristin Mcilquham who I can see in so many different roles.  To me, she reminds me of a British Ali Larter, which ain't a bad thing at all.”

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